Saturday, September 19, 2009


Some recent writing:

On the Cluster & Eno reissues, for Little White Earbuds;
On Jim O'Rourke (more later), Onna, and The Clean for Dusted;
Plus if you feel like shopping around in your local newsagent (Australian only, mind) I review John Shand's patchy Australian Jazz book in Australian Book Review.

You should also read these:

Simon's excellent article on theory in music criticism for Frieze;
David Keenan and Daniel Lopatin's fabulous e-discourse on hypnagogic pop at The Hidden Reverse (though I have to say, we dealt with that rapprochement-between-mainstream-and-underground at least a decade ago, when R&B went avant and IDM/etc struggled to catch up);
and in tribute to Matt's Gasoline Alley, and my and Danni Zuvela's rampant obsession with all things 1970s Rod Stewart, watch this:

(Not mentioning the Paul Nelson/Lester Bangs book, though. Oh no.)